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This year's competition attracted over 42 participants. They were able to test their pilot apps on the platform set up by Orange, and following demonstrations of the entries received, 11 finalists were selected by a panel of experts.

After the participants explained how their app worked, and the benefit it would bring to the community, the panel chose three applications based on specific selection criteria: innovation, whether the application is practical and easy-to-use, its economic potential, and its benefit to the community.
with Orange Uganda, young people are inventing the apps of the future

The 2012 winners, Sekabira Yasin and Frederick Bisaso, created "My Revision Guide", an app that helps students to revise by setting them tests and asking them questions at random. They were given 10 million shillings (around 3,200 euros) to develop their pilot application, as well as a 12-month internship.

The 2nd prize winner receives 5 million shillings (around 1,600 euros) and a 12-month internship to help them develop their "Diet Assistant" application, which recommends healthy and balanced meals for those looking to control their weight.

Lastly, the 3rd prize winner receives a 6-month internship.

Through this competition, Orange Uganda aims to promote young people's talent for developing mobile applications that can help both the local and international community. By giving motivated young people the chance to create their own applications, Orange is playing an important role in their professional future.

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