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what is email SMS?

email SMS is an innovative service to manage e-mails from any SMS enabled phone.

You can receive and reply your email using any phone from anywhere by SMS . No need for an internet connection to keep in touch.

With Orange email SMS you do not need to have a computer or the internet to receive and reply your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol and the like.

If your phone can SMS, you can email.

how it works

To subscribe text the word emailsms to 141 and follow the SMS instructions to activate your email address and password for the service.

Once that's complete, you will start receiving any email sent to that email address as an SMS on your phone. Simply reply the SMS to reply the email.

how do I set it up?

what are the charges?

Each SMS reply sent in reply to an email SMS costs only 50/-, the same rate as SMS from Orange to any network in Uganda.

Your email SMS service will require renewal every 30 days.

change your service preferences

You can visit to edit your Orange email SMS service preferences:

  • email SMS terms and conditions